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Wherever I go, whoever I mingle with, I see a learning desire in quite a few ladies and children. It is such a common aspiration in many; students want to earn prizes in their school competitions; employees want to earn recognition for their work / non-work related activities in office gatherings; housewives at home want to be lauded for their special treatment of people with their specially cooked dishes; I don't find this trait in men as much. They don't mind being passive listeners and enjoy the competitions and the commotion.

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Acronyms of our Company


With effect from today, we shall adopt

MSIS - as the short name / acronym / nickname of our registered company 'Myriad Star IT Solutions'
MYST - as the short name / acronym / nickname of our R&D Division - 'Myriad Stars'

We are discarding usage of MSIT with immediate effect..Logo changes will appear soon to reflect the same.

- Founder

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Balance Social Activity, Leisure with Business


These Indian City Apps could make Good Sense -

1. App for Ironing
We give clothes for ironing, keep track of them, remember them, get them back in time, check them and pay for them. In case one vendor is not available, have another one as a stand by or do it ourselves and pamper ourselves with the money earned :-)

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