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Featured Services

R&D, Right Tool Identification & Provision, Performance Management, Productivity Enhancement are some of our well-proven services.

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Our IT Solutions

ExcelON class

- FirstEdge


- Estein's Tutor

- Content-based Products

Tracker subclass

- DAK Tracker

- Consultancy Work Tracker

- Agile Song Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

SmarTEST class

- OnlineTestEngine

- RRB Mockup

- TMI Jobs

- WhoAmI

- Content-based Products

TAPME-in-TAME class

- School Manager

- Gym Manager

- Talent Acquisition Pipeline Manager for Enterprises

- Talent Alignment Pipeline Manager for Earth

- Juvenile Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

CRM-in-TAME class

- Requirements Management - Basic

- Requirements Management - Complex

- Content-based Products





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Grey List of vendors - those who failed our evaluation

The following vendors cannot apply for reevaluation until 3 months from the date of publication of their name in this list. Separate Guidelines will be issued to all evaluators for further re-evaluation.

16th April 2015 - RChilli working in domain on internet

24th April 2015 - Jobs Dialog working in domain on internet

7th May 2015 - in view of the market conditions both of the above softwares are released for cautious forays into customer territories. Our advice is that the one creating higher value will gain better.

18th May 2016 - Support system of Linked In

23rd June 2016 - Space research organizations making tall claims, showcasing fake technologies

22nd November 2016 - Life Insurance organizations playing religion cards

5th February 2018 - the Advertisement system of facebook