Regarding Product Release and Launch


Product Release plan is clearly a prerogative of a Business Community. In a 'Product Launch', registered businesses with long standing in the market and good reputation are expected to be promoted. The test case and test results acceptance have to follow criterion rules that need to be reviewed by experienced and reputed reviewers. In this connection, 'Harassment' needs to be defined, be applied a criterion and be duly addressed by every business.

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Definition of SME


Clarifying definitions of SME, Organization and Enterprise for 'Myriad Stars':

With effect from this moment, the following is going to be the SME definition for 'Myriad Stars':

The acronym includes - Non-profit and Micro organizations in addition to Small and Medium Enterprises. We will refer to it as NMSME from now onwards. However it applies as NMSME only for all of our documents too.

Organization - refers to a conglomerate of companies
Enterprise - refers to a conglomerate of organizations

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Whither the Business Sense ?


I have done a straightforward business of creating products, selling, maintaining and supporting them. When there were no buyers for my products, it had to be kept in abeyance and my other soft skills have come to the fore - like teaching, training, writing, singing, conecptualization and such others. I have limited product building capability. If I were to have this end-to-end I would have truly become a one man army in a COMPLETE SENSE. Those people who knew this kept my team away from me. I have no grudge against them because all of us are striving for FAR BIGGER results.

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