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R&D, Right Tool Identification & Provision, Performance Management, Productivity Enhancement are some of our well-proven services.



Our IT Solutions


ExcelON class

- FirstEdge


- Estein's Tutor

- Content-based Products

Tracker subclass

- DAK Tracker

- Consultancy Work Tracker

- Agile Song Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

SmarTEST class

- OnlineTestEngine

- RRB Mockup

- TMI Jobs

- WhoAmI

- Content-based Products

TAPME-in-TAME class

- School Manager

- Gym Manager

- Talent Acquisition Pipeline Manager for Enterprises

- Talent Alignment Pipeline Manager for Earth

- Juvenile Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

CRM-in-TAME class

- Requirements Management - Basic

- Requirements Management - Complex

- Content-based Products





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We invite teams to submit brief 1-page proposals from MeritScholar, BizCharts, Tracker, ExcelON, Smart, SmarTEST, TAPME-in-TAME, CRM-in-TAME, COW, Family communities and take up the following Memberships:

Individual Membership       NMSME Membership       Internware Membership

Internware Membership

Our Interns belong to IT/ITeS and Non-IT industry segments. We have all kinds of ‘fresher’ skills available in Oxford Dictionary as on today and many more to get added too. However, all of us have one common thread. We use IT in some form as on today and are committed to using it better to achieve better success tomorrow. We put our Interns through a drill of Assessments, Learning, Training, Performance Management processes and empower them for Success. MyriadStars Network will release these InternWare at every opportune moment as they meet our quality norms for showcasing in the online market. Do visit this page again as you are sure to find very interesting offerings from many of us. Annual Memberships are available for Registration. Members can access blogs, intriguing case studies, well-proven and validated software package binaries. Source code will be given FREE to all those members who undergo Myriad Stars Network assessments and go on to take up ‘IT Consultancy’. From time to time, members will be offered market-relevant training courses at competent prices by member organizations. From time to time, members will be deputed to onsite visits to work in client organizations. Every organization having internware is expected to work with an Independent Reviewer who published literature on his work and on the product over internet. Their review comments are crucial to acceptance of the product for promotion through Myriad Stars.
Only one product per organization is permitted for registration here.

Myriad Star IT Solutions Network ( domain) caters to these memberships.

Internware Membership - Terms & Conditions

1. In this case, a user is expected to register on behalf of his / her Organization.
2. Fee once paid will not be refunded. No appeals will be admitted in this regard. Organizers decision is final in all matters of Governance.
3. Once registered your registration details will be verified and then enabled.
4. Once you are enabled, you need to pay the fee within a maximum of 3 days. In case you do not pay the fee, your account will be blocked.
5. 2 weeks after this if you still do not pay the fee, your account will be deleted and your name will go into ‘Grey List’.
6. Users in ‘Grey List’ will not be processed for several years.
7. Benefit of Membership – your organization will be categorized into Type I. You will be offered proven source code until March 2013, It shall be
a. ‘ExcelON (Java, MySQL based Learning Management System)’ or ‘TAPME (.NET, MS SQL based Talent Acquisition Pipeline Management System)’ as per your choice. In case you want both you will need to take up 2 memberships. Very limited number of memberships is available in this category.
b. Type I – All work will be processed in an ‘Active’ mode following necessary documentation. Then you are very likely to be assigned projects with an ‘acceptable payment as decided by the Governing Body’; your projects will be conducted in an outsourced mode; your team will be supplemented and actively guided by us towards successful completion of them. All project work is expected to be carried out following our Work Ethic.
8. Even after you take up Membership the same strictness of purpose will be applied in monitoring your work. In case you are not found to be compliant, you stand a chance of going into ‘Grey List’.
9. Hence, it is highly recommended that you register if and only if you are convinced and are serious about taking up Membership with Myriad Stars Network.
10. The '+ / Plus' services are provided by the members in partnership with Myriad Star IT Solutions Enterprise.